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Meet Kristyn and Our Foodie Team!

  • An exceptional and results-driven team, requires a bit of  "Je ne sais quoi"

  • We work with new, emerging and legacy brands.  

  • It's about the "secret sauce' that invigorates and boost presence to the trade and the marketplace 

  • Our team is adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment.  

  • We bring the very best talent and industry contacts to support your business goals with professionals across the food industry.


Paulina Villarreal

With a thoughtful approach to client and customers, Paulina shines bright as the north star.    Her drive and tenacious spirit is contagious with a focus on results.


Amy Anderson

Amy adds valuable insights, grace and sizzle, to every aspect of branding and business development.  Every company needs an "Amy"!   


Aimee DuRée

Aimee in french means, "Beloved" and she is!    Aimee's approach and savvy style adds value to our brand partners.   As our Culinary Ambassador, her background in nutrition and family meal planning, support brand positioning in today's  food landscape.

For over 10 years, she has provided tangible insights from R&D guidance, new product development to the front lines of sales and marketing activities.  

Our Team: Team

Kristyn Lawson

"My passion for food, family, and friends touches every aspect of my career"  Kristyn is known as a force in the industry and proudly wears the title as "Guacamole Queen".


Cliff Tatro

Cliff Tatro makes things happen and he plays a crucial role in success of companies of all sizes. His impact has driven growth for food companies from around the world.

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